Tyson A. Rhame “Ty Rhame”

Tyson Allen Rhame, or “Ty Rhame” fed his fondness for aviation and his passion for leadership after graduating from the Air Force Academy in 1988 and then pursuing a career in the United States Air Force Reserves. Ty Rhame has since become a highly decorated Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force. In addition to his military service, Ty Rhame has been a commercial pilot for a major United States carrier for over 15 years to date. Also, education has always been a major priority to Ty Rhame, which was further personified when he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. Ty Rhame’s air force experience paired with his business acumen and drive has fueled his extensive business portfolio and philanthropy. Tyson Rhame is the voice of strategic advice behind the Sterling Currency Group, which is an online currency exchange, SterlingFunder.com an online tool used to connect entrepreneurs who need capital with investors, and the Recleim Group, an appliance de-manufacturing company.

Tyson Rhame

Ty Rhame has also received a lot of success from his real estate investment company Trinvest, LLC. Tyson A. Rhame is well known in Atlanta for his generous donations to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, totaling over $40,000. Tyson A. Rhame is extremely environmentally conscious as well. He most recently donated over 1000 acres of land to Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee for land conservation purposes. The $20 million dollar donation went towards the voluntary restriction of landowners rights to mine, build, or cut down trees in specific areas. Some of Ty Rhame’s other business related philanthropy projects assist with things such as the Wounded Warriors Project, Hire Heros, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Ty Rhame’s presentations as well as Ty Rhame Youtube, Ty Rhame Facebook, and Ty Rhame Twitter presence can currently be used to obtain access to the valuable information he releases to assist entrepreneurs.

For example, in this particular Ty Rhame Slideshare presentation, Tyson Rhame outlines the characteristics and attributes that exist in the mind of a successful entrepreneur, as well as the mentality needed to maintain a strong work ethic as an entrepreneur. Ty Rhame uses relatable examples by highlighting well known, iconic entrepreneurs and also breaks down their mental composition in order to better illustrate how certain attributes, create a specific work ethic, and ultimately a more successful future. In the entry, on (www.tyrhame.com) entitled, “People Skills – The Connection Between Military Experience and Entrepreneurship” Ty Rhame outlines the correlation between his military training and his ability to use the positive attributes obtained in the Air Force to create successful businesses. As quoted by Tyson Rhame, “In the military, it is crucial to have great people skills in order to communicate, coordinate, motivate, and understand the people who are required to complete a mission. In the military, I had to know people’s problems, weaknesses, strengths, and motivations in order to achieve long term success. I learned to be perceptive to non-verbal communications and actions. I learned that everyone has something to offer and everyone should be treated with respect and understanding. As an entrepreneur, this is one of the most critical skills and also one of the most rewarding.”

Tyson Rhame also conveyed how being an entrepreneur is for the most part about creating businesses and jobs that are ultimately all about people. He goes on to mention how people that work in a business are not just “cogs in a wheel” that run a machine, but how they are people who deserve to be respected as well as empowered. In Tyson Rhame’s opinion in order to be a successful business owner, an entrepreneur needs to respect, care, and nurture the people throughout the organization. He mentions how this leads to even greater opportunities for them, which in addition makes the world a better place overall. Ty Rhame also makes an outstanding point in his reference to business and military, when he stated, “business and military success can’t be achieved when there is disharmony among the ranks; solid people skills are key to unifying efforts.”

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Tyson Rhame definitely has a strong background in business, but he also has a very deep passion for breeding leaders, especially through his military influence in the United States Air Force. His dedication to the military and accolades has made Tyson A. Rhame a great addition to the Air Force Academy Endowment Board of Directors. Within this role Tyson Rhame assists Congressmen in the selection process of Air Force Academy cadets as well as playing an active role in encouraging cadets to maximize their potential to be leaders. In the press release regarding this new found role (http://www.prweb.com/releases/tyson_rhame/ty/prweb12409333.htm) here is what Ty Rhame had to say about being a member of such an elite group of people, ”Not only is it an honor to be a member of the esteemed Air Force Academy Endowment Board of Directors, it’s an amazing opportunity to work with such a distinguished group of graduates in order to help ensure Air Force Academy cadets have the great opportunities that I had as a cadet.”

Tyson A. Rhame made a self proclaimed goal to work with the Air Force Academy Endowment Board to raise awareness and educate graduates to make sure the coveted opportunities offered to the young men and women of the Air Force Academy are used to enhance them as overall leaders and inspirations to others in the world to create a better environment while securing a dynamic future.Tyson Rhame has definitely proven his ability to be successful and breed success in others and has additionally created multiple avenues for entrepreneurs and others to connect with him via social media and online in order to provide the fundamental tools of a great leader, all while using different forms of presentation to illustrate his points.

Ty Rhame Youtube can be used to obtain a more interactive connection to his business acumen in correlation to his many successful endeavors. Ty Rhame is a wealth of knowledge who is kind enough to share his leadership abilities and words of wisdom to inspire others to be great leaders themselves in their own endeavors.